The Hidden Pizza Story

It all started on a sunny afternoon in Dorset. James and I were having one of those “if you could do anything”, conversations.

James and I have worked together for over ten years, mainly in the building industry, and we’ve had lots of conversations about what else we could do for a living – the things we both really wanted together from work.

Well, James said to me last summer “you know those Cobb ovens I’ve been building over the years – wouldn’t it be great if you could do that for a living?”

I replied: “I reckon there’s a business in that, not just building ovens – we could do the whole pop up restaurant thing”.
“Yeah and run workshops and community stuff too! Well shall we do it?”. “Sounds like a great idea!”.

And not even a year later we were cooking pizza on the Gillingham town community meadow.

Hidden pizza is the dream of two Dorset locals, to run a business with the prime objective being to bring people together over great food. Hidden pizza has three main branches:

First, the pop-up restaurant. The hope was to create a space that gave people the chance to stop after a busy day at work and maybe meet other people in the community. A very different approach to the usual take-away fast-food culture. Also to give people the chance to have something a bit different at events / weddings.

The second was to take the community idea a bit further, and run workshops in pizza making, oven building and using fire and pizza as a teaching device. This is has been a great success at the community allotment in Shaftesbury and is an aspect of the business that has been very popular at festivals over the past 9-10 years. It has also been great team building exercise for local businesses.

The third draws on our joint experience from the construction industry, to create outdoor eating areas centred around custom made, bespoke and totally unique ovens and BBQs.

Check the front page for news of our next event, or contact us to book us for your event or for information on bespoke oven builds.

Raf and James working on the oven trailer.